​ BURSTERS' Music Video Teaser Shows What Rock'n Roll is!
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[MHN] Emotional rock band BURSTERS shared their teaser for an upcoming music video. 

On April 11th, noon, the band posted a music video teaser of their new song 'Eternal' on all social media and streaming service sites. 

In the video all members of the band including the main vocalist Noh Daegun are blended with the strong LED screens in the back, hinting a very strong and intense visual for the full video. 

A mysterious man also appears in the video. It seems like he's dreaming, or being chased. 

"BURSTERS' uniquely intense sound and emotional melody and lyrics will be topped with this new music video style. It'll be a new kind of visual nobody would've imagined." was what the band's label, Evermore Music shared to fans. 

BURSTERS' new song 'Eternal' will be out everywhere on April 13th through all online streaming services. 


[Translated by] Gen_E

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