From Announcing Marriage to Breaking Up, Park Yoo Chun and Hwang Ha Na's Puzzled Relationship
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[MHN] Hwang Ha Na and Park Yoo Chun broke up.

According to Park's agency, "Park Yoo Chun and Hwang Ha Na have ended their relationship as a couple. We have no further comments about their relationship due to personal reasons."

However, Hwang replied that it's not true to the comments on her social media account. She also posted how the two went to a couple gathering together the day before, which had everyone puzzled. 

The two announced their romantic relationship last year in April and later announced that they will get married in September. But they postponed their wedding suddenly and on May 15th, officially spoke of their break up. Nothing in detail has been shared yet, and fans are wondering what exactly happened between the two. 

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