PRISTIN V, unit members released through 'Find out the V'… Na-young, Kyulkyung, Eun-woo, Le-na!
PRISTIN V, unit members released through 'Find out the V'… Na-young, Kyulkyung, Eun-woo, Le-na!
  • Kwon Hyuk-jae
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[MHN] Group PRISTIN's first unit group 'PRISTIN V' has opened their special off-line event.

On 20th, 'PRISTIN V' has brought never-seen-before event 'Find out the V', got extreme attentions from fans, heated out the off-line.

Previously, 'PRISTIN V' expected 'Find out the V' through official promotion schedule on 18th, and occurred curiosity among fans. Followed, on 19th, on PRISTIN's official SNS there posted mysterious hand writing with the hashtag 'Find_out_the_V' and 'Vmap', occurred lots of responses.


Also, they gradually revealed mysterious materials such as puzzle pieces with 'V' marks on it for 5 times along with the date and characters, give hints of date and location of 'Find out he V', which was an off-line event'.

Likewise, PRISTIN V's off-line event 'Find out the V' has gathered many fans starting from 11am with 2 hours intervals, moving from Ga-yang station, Sindorim station, Soo-won station, Gangnam station and finally at 7pm in Gunkook university station.

In each subway stations, person in villain custom has appeared, gave leaflet to people, revealed members of unit members hided in veil.

Especially the image in leaflet colored in black and white, gives chick image, and increased the expectations of PRISTIN V's new album 'Like a V' through perfect visual and charisma.


'Find out the V' event place with hordes of people got attentions of public increased the expectations of many people.

Likewise, events in villain customs and disclosed members pictures heated on-line and off-line live, got huge attentions through online communities and various SNS sites.

Especially, about the event site, people responded, "It's a unique idea to wear villain customs", "Expectations for PRISTIN V gets higher", "Best Visual ever, Best Concept ever", naturally increased the expectations of 'PRISTIN V's first album 'Like a V'.

On the other hand, 'PRISTIN V's fist single album 'Like a V' would be released through various music sites on 28th, 6pm.

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